Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition
2023 in NYC

Private Collection

Art Show in Pittsburgh USA & Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit in NYC

Besides, many artists already have ample achievement in formal painting, so I try to explore every picture with a sense of “drama”. Actually, every event in life has some hidden elements of “drama”, what to do is only to discover them, to enlarge them, to step outside the old thinking mode, to be less rigid, to explore and feel more. Thus one can change the painting method, one can transmute the commonplace into the magical; at the same time, artists can avoid repeating each other.

Whenever l take up the brush, l often remember a famed saying from the Russian port pushkin “Now it is overcast, but the future, and what have passed will become fond memories” The creation of each painting is a fond memory. The brush is your hand is the lance, the canvas is the windmill. And art is Don juixote, to be a painter is to live of self sacrifice, But you keep painting. Try one hundred times, fail ninety—nine; Your love for choice is not yet deep enough, true enough

Leon Nie, Artist

Shanghai Art Fair

They still think painting very enjoyable. It is a way of life, a self cultivation. A piece of canvas, a piece of white paper, they are the stage. When a picture is painted well, it is a joy; it is does not go well, it does not matter, it will not add any trouble to others, just think of it as self enjoyment. Right now there is a strange phenomenon: painters all wish to get into the “Fine art administration”. The head of the administration controls the general direction of art, this “guild” is called an institution. If the institution recognizes you, you are then accepted into the guild. This guild is fenced tightly, not easy to get in. But no matter how tight the fence is, the ugly duckling in the free territory outside thrives ever more.

Art Exhibition

Comics Exhibition in France & Individual Watercolor Painting Exhibition in Beijing

Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibition in NYC