Contact: Jack Nie, Artist
WeChat: +1 347 256 7239
Cell: +1 347 256 7239

Booth on 53rd Street in
New York City
Date: Saturday & Sunday
( 10AM - 6PM )

brother art salon

Enjoy his oil painting!

Jack Nie, Artist, loved nature and freedom, but especially loved painting when he was young boy. At that time China was in a state of horror and autocracy and he was deprived of their rights; however, he had access to art, and he always persevered in exploring art during this difficult time. As a result self-taught artist was successful in practice.
Since 1996, he has participated in more than 300 art exhibitions in the United States, many outstanding works are privately collected, most of the works are popular among young Americans. He has been persistent in exploring crystallization of art, and pursuing the ideas and colors of the works, bringing visual enjoyment to the art lovers.

Framed Print
11"*14" / $20

Unframed Print
11"*14" / $15
16"*20" / $20